Why are smart watches important?

Great question on Quora the other day. How important is the wrist watch. I answered that question with well what is another question. It is a generational thing. I grew up with wrist watches, I’ve had one since I was 12. I love watches. I have 8 or 9 now. But I only wear my Pebble. You see the Pebble changed me into a smart watch advocate. First off the smart watch as seen in this image is a screen as a service. You can have the screen show and share everything you want.The exceptional program Runkeeper is on the screen here. I use it while walking to keep track of pace and distance.

But I also use my Pebble for another of other functions. When I am in meetings it is my notification system. I can see who is calling me, texting me or emailing me while I am in the meeting without taking my phone out and being rude. I use it to display weather and to keep me updated the rest of the day about what is going on outside. My office is dark because I hate the overhead lights.

I don’t display excel spreadsheets on the Pebble, the screen is too small for that. But weather, texts, emails and incoming phone calls work perfectly on the device. I published a number of blogs on the concept of continuation and I use my Smart TV as a continuation device now. (I can’t wait for Keecker – a continuation device that will come when I call it!).

I started my quest although I didn’t have an as a Service name for it initially. It was in roughly 2001 when I started looking at the PocketPC and the potential it had. Between an air card (to connect to a cellular network) and GPS sleeve I could read, browse and find where I was going in a single device. But 2004 there were cellular phones integrated in PPC devices and away things went. The problem was consistency and the business model.

In 2007 the iPhone changed everything. People are willing to spend money on a device that houses all the cool functionality they want, as long as the applications are cheap.

The reality of consumer driven functionality had arrived. Which takes me back to the Smart Watch. The functionality of the Smart Watch increases radically as you connect it to the Smart Phone. The Smart Phone is augmented by the many bite sized applications that are available for you to consume. (A bite-sized application is my concept to explain small screen, small data presented to you in small chunks easily consumed).

Fast forward to the world we live in now. Automation is taking things another step. Control from your device extends far beyond the phone. Cyber Physical Systems give you access to a world of potential functionality. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others have entered the living room and are adding functionality to your TV. All accessible from your smart phone (and if you want controlled from your smart watch.

Your phone can become the hub to control your entire home. You can attach connected bits (Tiles and Geekco) to your phone so you can find anything you need to have (your car keys). Your car is connected to your phone so you can drive and talk, texts and emails displayed on a heads-up display so you are not distracted. Your phone can display content on your home TV.

So the value of the Smart Watch? Infinite. It is one gateway to controlling your entire world!

Application IDEA: (this idea Copyright Scott Andersen and Creative Technology and Innovation)

What about an Application that monitors your Azure and your AWS account and let’s you know (via a Pebble App) what instances are running and if you are having performance issues/security issues etc. on an easy to consume small screen.


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