Working on my traditional holiday blog….

A little something I am working on – early draft and while on topic, just something for fun. No intent or value, just fun! By the way from a connected bits perspective – imagine complete connected lighting at your house. You wouldn’t need to string holiday lights, just change the existing lights to be holiday festive!

Twas the night before CES

and all through the house LED’s were blinking devices hung with care. There were CO2 sensors hung by the chimney (in case of gas poisoning) and smoke detectors lighting up to show you the way.

I know its corny but it is something I’ve been working on for a couple of days. My traditional Christmas blog!

We’ve hung lights over the years but never to the level some people do. I drive by the lit houses on the way home (What I hate most about DC traffic in the winter? I leave in the morning before the sun gets up and get home after the sun goes down at night. The concept of daylight is gone for the winter). I see the houses and I have a twinge of guilt. Then I think about the power bill and move on.

Imagine though, a time when all those lights are individual CPS devices capable of acting independently of the others. You could have a wave or flashing lights, perhaps a wave when a car goes by one direction and flashing lights when a car goes by the other way. Perhaps lights along the sidewalk light up if someone walks by using motion detection and automated lighting. You could easily do that today, but it defeats the purpose of holiday lights.

I was born near Christmas so as a small child I thought all the lights were to celebrate my birthday. I was sorely disappointed when I found out they were for the holidays in general not me in specific.

One of the big disappointments for those of us with Holiday Season birthdays. The lights are for everyone else, not you. Anyway time to roll back into my IoT, CPS, so on blogs. Just a small break to start drafting my holiday post as is my tradition. The last couple of years its been variations of Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol.” So I thought I would wander to something else this year.


Holiday Cheermeister!