The Bytes of Connected Bits and a universal application idea…

I have a really good friend that entered the “Big Data” world early on. She always argues (correctly) that it isn’t Big Data, its data analytics. The world of connected bits and bytes is about the analytics. You can very quickly connect to any number of devices. In the first podcasts on the topic I dived into Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. In most cases there is an analytics shell around the data you are collecting that makes the data relevant. Its about the bite sized presentation of data.

Bite Size Connected Bits is the concept. Where you have a mobile divide and a series of application on that device that connect to CPS sensors and give you information. The information is presented on the screen of application. That application resides on your mobile device. The limits of the device are followed by the application. You don’t present the statistics of the why it’s a 70% chance of rain (given these 20 conditions and a prevailing wind of this direction out of the last 20 times these conditions existed it rained 14 times i.e. 70% chance of rain). You present the potential for rain.

The applications on your device have two modalities of interaction. They can prompt you (flash a message on the screen) or they can directly within their operating boundaries display the information. Its going big (full application display) or going small (flash on the screen of your phone.

In the scenario we have today you have the unification by the device, the notification screen. You then have the individual application acting separately if you require more data. Some applications do not follow the notification rules and therefore you actually have to launch the application. Sometimes the notification forces you to launch the application (Co2 levels are always ones I check as it is important).

A universal application that was smart enough to watch my usage patterns and display information from the applications I check all the time would be an interesting addition to the world of personal automation. Automation is about reducing the time spent doing the same thing over and over. Let’s have an application that surfaces what I frequently look at. So a display screen that shows email by email box, temperature as recorded by NOAA and by my weather station, information about my home status (lights on, doors open etc.). Information about traffic around me. On a single screen with tiles I can activate that will launch the actual application.

Much like the screen shot above, where the screen is neatly arrayed in a way that makes sense to me. I can launch any of my applications if I choose, or simply reference what is happening in my world. One screen to present them all.

Connected Bits is about all the different things you can connect to your device to automate, simplify and ultimately make things just a little bit better every single say.


Connected Bits