Connected Bits!

I actually decided to take my joke of yesterday morning and make it a new podcast series. So, launching later today my connected bits podcast!

The first two episodes are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi the basics of connection. From there who knows how many more I will do. It was mostly a joke yesterday, but sometimes jokes one day become good ideas the next.

I’ve always been interested in connections. First trying to connect to both the world around me but also to work so I could move away from my desk. I find, if I sit at my desk all day I end up being removed from the world around me. I like to get up and interact with people from time to time.

If you have a topic you want covered in the connected bits podcast email me! Fred and Ed suggestions are always welcomed as well. I have been thinking about a new Fred and Ed story for awhile I just can’t quite connected the dots in my head.

Back to connected bits. The concept of connection is one I’ve explored for a long time. I used to have a Compaq PocketPC device that had sleeves. The sleeves allowed more connections for the device (I had a cellular card, more memory and GPS sleeve). As more and more of those solutions moved into the actual device I no longer needed all the sleeves.

But the reality of what could be connected expanded greatly. Connections you wouldn’t have dreamed of 10 years ago are now common place.

Worried about radiation and being over exposed? You can attach a Geiger Counter to your phone. is it as accurate as the unit in the picture? No. But you don’t need professional quality if your fear is how much radiation you are exposed to. The lower quality device will warn you soon enough if you are over exposed. The same is true for UV and for sound. Yes sound itself can be dangerous. All of these things can be tracked, monitored and reported using only your cell phone.

The connected bits! Connection expands the reach of your device, and the capabilities of that device. Physical connections (Geiger, breathalyzer) that use the sound port of your device are safer than remote connections. Its harder to hack directly connected hardware (although you can hack the application that connects to the hardware). Remotely connected devices that are in locations that are not secure are somewhat risky. Its fairly easy to seize control of a device that isn’t protected.

Part of the concept of connected bits goes to my call earlier on my blog for the City Broker, and in particular the creation of an NGO that will own and deliver security for home networks. I suspect a consortium of companies, if asked do you want the home networks of your employees protected, would donate the start up costs for the NGO. Why a non-government agency? It needs to be a not-for-profit that is sponsored by companies and by ethical hackers so the open source community model can be delivered to home users at  a lower price. The security device needs to be easily updated and again has to be low cost.

  • A company could require that you allow them communicate with your home device when you are logging into the company network via VPN.
  • The City Broker could require you to update your device daily as you connect.
  • Your ISP could also force devices to update. Keeping them up to date and not out of synch.

Want to freak out a room from of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) say configuration drift. It makes them nuts. Configuration drift is a guaranteed security risk.

More coming for the connected bits concept!


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