Welcome to a new radio show “Connected Bits”…

Good Morning! Welcome to the CPS show, Connected Bits. On the show today we have a device most of us carry, the Cellular Phone. In particular we have two of the three camps here (Android and iOS). The third camp is smaller and at this point isn’t as relevant to the connection discussion as the first two are.

Good morning phones how are you?

“fine.” Android answers.

“fine.” iOS answers.

Ok, so such a show would be a waste of time right now. Siri, while able to tell a joke and ask Google can also tell jokes, neither is an AI capable of sustaining the conversation past yes/no questions.

The who and what they are able to connect with, however, is an interesting conversation. I advocated now more than two years ago, the concept of the Screen as a Service. (SCRaaS). Smart Watches are SCRaaS devices. You control what is on the watch face. Now there are a number of arguments as to what a smart watch is. For years, the concept of a smart watch is the watch offering capabilities independent of the device it is connected to. The new iteration of smart watches (apple/pebble/Samsung) offer a mix where the device has some processing on it, but for the most part represents the SCRaaS. You control what is on the screen.

SCRaaS, can extend easily beyond that smart watch. There are many more services that can be consumed. Home Automation systems can turn virtually any system into a SCRaaS. Where you have all the capabilities of your system available on your TV, Tablet or Cell phone.

Its about services. On this screen (Control4 home screen) you see a number of services you can consume. Security may include door locks or security camera feeds. The thermostat allows you to control your home heating and cooling system. This screen can be on a dedicated device (in wall panel), or using a Control4 remote you can have this on your TV.

The other side of the concept I proposed SCRaaS, is the simple reality of using the screen only as eservice. Where the screen doesn’t have or add any additional functionality. It becomes the concept of a “connected display.” Smart TV’s can do this as well for your tablet or cellular phone. A dumb TV can become smart with the Microsoft or Google TV adapter.

(product idea for Amazon – when will the Fire TV system connect to both Audible and Kindle stores so I can read my books on my TV or listen to my audible books on my home stereo system via the Fire TV)

So the other side of SCRaaS is the many devices that are appearing. Google Chrome cast, Amazon Fire TV, the new Apple TV all make a television smarter. They integrate the media experience and make your television more effective. You can do this with Xbox One and Sony PlayStations as well.

SCRaaS as a unified experience biomes intriguing. This brings me to my what’s next portion of the blog. What is next? There is Crowd Funded campaign that offers you a touch interface for your home TV. Why? If you think about it the value proposition of the Surface Hub computer is the integration of touch, computer and wall mounted whiteboard. If you leverage your existing TV you don’t need to buy the Surface Hub. You get the integration in your living room for a lot less.

That doesn’t even include the soon shipping (5 more months) Keecker. Keecker changes the conversation around the SCRaaS by adding portability to the mix. An undemand location independent SCRaaS. The blinding glare in front of you is not an oncoming train, its your SCRaaS device lighting the way so you can walk into your dark house after work!


Wearing Sunglasses ‘cause the future is so bright!