The coming world of automatic connections…

Interconnection, integration and data are the basis and creation of CPS devices. Interconnection between CPS devices, integration of the devices and data. Lots of data, more data is produced every day by CPS devices than we realize.

So, CPS is the basis for a huge shift. Today we have the broad concept of Big Data (or as with IoT and CPS, more properly Data Analytics). Where a set of data produced is reviewed and ultimately becomes part of a new thing, the analyzed data.

CPS devices can reduce water waste, pollution and the impact of buildings. Empty floors don’t need lights. Empty offices should have lights that turn off. The top of buildings, where possible should house solar arrays.

But as we head into this CPS future what’s next? what lies just over the horizon? We can clearly see the path to 50 billion CPS devices. We can clearly see the path to Smart Cities. What then comes next? Beyond cities?

First off the integration across a number of devices (I called it continuation). Where conversations started in the home can move to the car, and vice versa. Conversations and meetings can transition without loss or impact between various systems.

The need for security grows radically when the connections are automatic. Once compromised the connections are forever compromised until they are reset or re-established. Home private cloud security becomes the enabling risk for corporate IT security. That device, connected to the home private and the car private cloud brings the risk into the enterprise.

Now the value that connection represents is massive. Its about productivity. Its about empowering workers to do more. So the IT security can’t say no to the expansion. They have to come up with ways to fix the problem.

I’ve argued for an NGO that would provide home, cellular and car security devices. The NGO would for a monthly fee provide you with baseline security. Automatic updates and up-to-date checks when your devices connect to enterprise systems. This NGO in conjunction with the City Broker and City Marketplace would give us peace of mind for what comes next.

Beyond the horizon is the reality of a fully connected world. Wearable, slayable and portable devices that connect to each other atomically and provide the information you need to be successful in your daily activities.

The world of connection.