Smart City–Cloud Broker, Broker Marketplace and business incubator. The rise of the smart city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smart, its come to mean in addition to providing good answers and having useful information to mean automation. Smart Cities will offer automated citizen services. Yesterday I proposed the concept of the Cloud Broker, and the Smart City. I continue to believe that a service catalog offered by a city that encompasses the services of the city, of cloud service providers and CPS providers would be of significant value.

  1. The city can offer citizen protection from hackers and script kiddies. A black box on the home network and a chip in your cell phone that they can update with the latest security to keep you safe.
  2. Smart cities can promote innovation in ways never before seen. I’ve talked about the concept of the Broker Marketplace before. This catalog of services would allow cities to encourage and nurture startups. A shared services model to get small startups going quickly. Where Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others provide funding, the City Broker Marketplace could provide all the other connections a young company needs to leap into success.

You have a base for incubation of ideas and concepts. Startups don’t have to go raise 3 million dollars to get started. They can buy from the city catalog at a significantly reduced cost. Plus the market allows them to have access to more services at an overall lower cost than they would have had without the city market. It takes us back to the cities of the 1850’s when the town square became a market. Now its virtual but the city has the opportunity to become the market place of tomorrow.

The reason I believe it has to be cities is that there is less potential in the city model to exploit the information gathered. As we saw from the NSA scandal, too much information at the top of a system will cause the system to be corrupted. Keeping the majority of information lower in a system may cause some pockets of corruption, but not overall system corruption.

In my book The Syncverse I talked about the creation of the Myverse. The Myverse is where you keep your information. With a Broker Marketplace designed to support the back end Syncverse system a city could offer its citizens digital services at a significant discount and more securely. Over the next couple of days I will lay out some of the services that could be offered:

  • Home Private and Personal Cloud security devices. Managed by security professionals designed to keep the automated home secure.
  • Aggraded Cloud service providers, this will support citizens, small business and new businesses. It allows citizens and businesses to use and leverage cloud service providers in a secure and lower cost model.
  • The city wide power marketplace. Part of the dream of moving to home produced energy is the creation of a power market in geographic regions. We will gain resilience in the city, because the power supplies are distrusted. But that market will also evolve and allow for day before, and spot market power purchases. Need more power today than usual? Go to the spot market and buy power at a lower price just like you will be able to with compute power from the various CSPs.
  • Aggraded Cyber Physical Systems, imagine the ever expanding evolution of deployed CPS systems. 100’s of cameras lining the street. Not needed, overkill when in the Broker Marketplace you can pay as you go (use it when you need it) security feeds that cover the front and back of your business and are provided out of the Broker Marketplace. My assertion was that you could also have fleets of drones, with video and other feeds that can be rented by the hour and flown over your business.

There are many more city services and I will be listing them over the next few days as I try to pull together my initial thoughts on what a smart city is and will become.


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