The shifting sand’s of the digital camera market…

The camera. The transition to cellular phones as people’s primary camera is well underway. That leaves only the specialized camera market for camera makers. It shouldn’t but it does for now.

1. Why should you have a DSLR? Let’s talk about the reality of pictures. A DSLR takes infinitely better pictures than a cell phone. Why do you care? You don’t today. But when you embark on your family history project and you need to blow a picture up to see who is in the corner, cell phone pictures don’t provide enough detail.

2. Where you take pictures now is different. Underwater, in the air and of course the traditional on the ground. 3d cameras (if you want one today – there are none better than Bubl! ).

VR cameras are coming as well. Today there are cameras that allow you to do 3d indoor and 3d outdoor room mapping. You can actually do that for a lot less with the Bubl Camera, but don’t tell the real estate professionals! One of the things I am looking forward to with the Bubl is recording Christmas presents. I wish I had Bubl when the kids were little. I missed more great pictures than I got. Bubl in the middle of the room makes Christmas an experience you can live over and over.

I have in my digital locker some 100,000 pictures. The more I think about that the more I realize that number is small for tomorrow. For today its huge. But I lived in the transition period (film cameras to digital and finally cellular devices). The next transition is the explosion of devices like Bubl. No they do not pay me to write reviews of their products. In fact I actually paid for the Bubl I have.

Drones add so much to what you can with a camera. Underwater and in the air, you can show the world, all of the world around you.

I have my father’s film cameras. I am thinking about ways to display them. They were around his neck for many years. They aren’t the original one (that stolen in 1972) but they are the second ones he got. He loving took care of them for more than 40 years. They still work. Someday when people see them I wonder if they will wonder what film is.

DSLR still have significantly better pictures than Cellular devices do. Point and shoot camera’s take better pictures than Cellular phones do. A cellular phone is more like a Swiss army knife. You have it with you so its utility is great. But you wouldn’t saw down your neighbors tree with a Swiss army knife. Actually that is something I would capture, you sawing your neighbors tree down with a Swiss army knife, and I would use my DSLR so I could be further away from you than the height of the tree just to be safe. I would set the camera to take pictures every 30 seconds as you cut down the tree. Then I would take the 2 weeks worth of images after the tree finally falls and compress them into a YouTube video called “really?”

Use the right tool for what you want to do. Cellular cameras are the device to use for that surprise moment when you need to capture an image. But a DSLR is what to use when you are capturing the sun setting on vacation.


Right tool, Right Job!