The biggest risk, may be your best asset.

I first read the Lord of the Rings in 1972. In this case it is a metaphor for CPS control. One device to rule them all and on the screen bind them.

1. Today there are many screens that you will have to consume to leverage and build out an automated home system. The more you can get into a single screen the closer you are to one device.

2. There are a lot of competing standards in the home automation space. Those standards represent two problems. The first is that you end up with many screens. That creates a number of logins you have to manage. It also gives someone more access to things they can attack. We need a home private cloud security standard.

The old adage I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you. Applies to hacking as well. The hacker doesn’t have to attack your most secured device. They can come at your from devices you don’t consider as insecure because you don’t think about them. Its all about privilege. Does the connection to your device from the CPS device has a privileged connection?

What is the weakest point in corporate security? The device in the users pocket. No offence meant to users, simply your personal cell phone is exposed to the greatest risk. Now that doesn’t mean someone has already hacked your phone. It simply means that your device is the highest risk. I’ve heard a number of arguments against this in the past few months. My favorite it “my company issues a cell phone to me”’I don’t use my personal phone at work. But its in your pocket. A hacked phone can have its microphone turned on remotely. It can have its camera turned on remotely and of course it can capture every visual prompt. It will know what your corporate networks look like.

It can connect to every Bluetooth device. It can store login screens and access points. It can in the end reveal everything that you would never tell someone about your organization.

Without you knowing it is happening.

The reality of hackers is complex. There are hackers out there to corrupt systems. There are people lurking on the dark web that have bad intentions. There are many hackers that simply live to share the truth. The truth is often uncomfortable. People don’t want to know that their systems are at risk. They don’t want to know that their cool cell phone, may be watching everyone they meet.

There are bad people and good people everywhere you go. My father always said “keep honest people honest” that applies here in the sense that we need to have a wall. A home private cloud security standard “wall” that honest people have to jump over. You see once you clear my wall – you aren’t honest anymore. So let’s have a standard that helps us keep honest people honest.


Home Private Cloud Security Standards are needed!!!!!