Cyber Security and personal filters…

My grandfather used to say “if something is too good to be true. It isn’t true.” Its an ever growing lesson on the internet. The number of scams and fake just about everything grows with every passing day. I guess the first thing is that there are people willing to do that. To be so anti-social as to commit a crime and not care. Callous about hurting others for their own gain.

Verification of identity and reality would be a really good thing. A CPS device that everyone could communicate with that would provide a direction connection between the who contacting you and what they want.

Good security mixes prevention with user intelligence. I.E. what my grandfather said. If it sounds too good to be true it is not true. You have to use your filter. Sometimes we don’t want to listen to the part of our brain that screams scam. After all everyone would like to help the young army Sargent move 7 million US dollars out of Nigeria. It is human nature to try and do better. The pack survives when all its members are thriving. The problem is always human curiosity. What is on the other side.

Is the grass greener?

Usually not sadly. But it is in our nature to want things to be greener when we jump. So we something’s turn off our filters and do stupid things.

By the way if you are having an issue there are a number of sites you can use to report email abuse, scams and other forms of cyber crime. Use them! The more crimes that are reported to the authorities the more they can block and catch the perpetrators.

The internet (by extension cloud services and CPS devices) are a wonderful thing. Sadly the further you venture out into the realm of the cloud the more chance you have of becoming a victim. Follow that simple advice. It seems like it is too good to be true, it is.


Wandering Cyber Security and wondering…