I spy with my cracked crystal ball a sky full of drones…

My crystal ball has a crack. It doesn’t clearly show what is coming anymore. It actually never really did. But it sounded good so we are kicking off with that.

The world of drones is upon us. From delivering items to your door to the even more exciting potential of a beer and pizza drone that will descend with a pizza and six pack on a Friday night the drone world is here. Drones that can extend the reach of your device beyond your finger tips to the sky, the water and all around you on the ground.

A Cyber Physical System such as a drone or sensor or whatever device you are using operates in two distinct ways. It presents data to you, the user. You consume that data based on the structure presented by the device. Be a GPS device that presents information from, about and on a map to weather systems that tell you the barometric pressure, rainfall rate, wind speed and temperature.

the point of this blog is more what’s coming. Drones have amazing potential, and the industries that are touched by the drones are many and varied. CPS across the domain itself is so broad and there are so many possible permutations. What I am interested in is just around the corner. First off disclaimer, everything after this point is wholly my opinion and is not based on any knowledge other than what’s in my head as to what may be.

So previously I talked about the various components of IoT (slayable, portable and wearable) devices. A drone fitting into that model as a portable device. CPS expands that by adding considerations for the actual system that manages all those IoT devices. In particular diving into the concepts around Cyber Resilience. Where the goal is not just deploying the IoT device but actually managing and securing it as well.

Medical devices are coming, in the next 6 months you will see a large number of devices that are focused on helping you. Scanners that can tell you exactly what is in food. Have an allergy? Scan your dinner before you dive in, just in case it was cooked in peanut oil! Beyond food sniffers there are a number of other health devices coming. UV and other monitoring tools including radiation and other risk factor tools will soon be available. You can buy a personal breathalyzer now. Why wouldn’t you. It isn’t as accurate as the police systems are, but you can verify that you would be able to drive by testing first. Why risk the lives of others by operating a vehicle while impaired (any vehicle, bicycle, motor cycle or car).

Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Suburb and other car companies have released updates that support lane management while driving. While not auto pilots it does warn you when you are not centered in your chosen driving lane. Automated cars are coming. The question is will you be able to buy an automated aggressive driving car?

I do see standards coming for personal cloud and home private cloud security. I think these are going to be critical in the near term. It has to be easy to implement but powerful enough to lock out low end hackers.

Continuation is another thing I see coming. Support for a telephone call in the car, that moves to your home stereo or vice versa going from your home phone to your cellular phone. Conceptually not an impossible concept nor a difficult technology but will require standards so that everyone integrates with the same protocols.

more to come on this topic…


Peering into my cracked crystal ball