Private and Personal Cloud security standards….

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) or the common moniker the Internet of Things (IoT) represents a change. The graphic on the left talks about the connections and the devices you connect together.

The points of connection are intriguing. If you wander Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you will find the IoT of amazing. Derives that offer connections galore. Now, I have and continue to argue that in fact the private cloud that is represented by all the CPS devices in your home needs to be codified. The reason for my constant rut following is that home private clouds need to have “pre” or “automated” security rules installed.

Now we are not talking massive security rules that have to be managed. Rather, I am talking about automated security to protect the home systems for the most part. Reality is if a hacker really wants into your home, he or she will get in. What you are trying to do is keep the majority of people out. It needs to be simple, automated and structured so that it can update itself from a secure system without you having to see, touch or for that matter even understand the security system.

The concept of a secure home will become more and more critical. Assuming the analysts are right (or even in the ball park) the average person throughout the world will have between 6-7 IoT devices connected to them. That means a family of 4 will have between 34 and 28 devices in the home. I suspect that number is low (again search for IoT devices on Kickstarter and Indiegogo there are more than 7 types alone right now).

Personal presence devices alone will probably add two or three devices in every home. From a security perspective there will need to be security around the personal presence devices, stalkers could well become more intrusive by controlling those devices in your home. They are convent. But they do pose a threat.

So, home private cloud and set security structures. A standard that will allow some peace of mind. It won’t solve the reality of bad people doing bad things. But at least we can control and limit the impact of what bad people can do.

As my grandfather once said about the television. When the news is bad you can always turn it off. You can always remove the battery from a CPS device and have it remain powered off. There is no better security than a device that cannot be accessed. Of course the value of a device that is turned off is a lot less!


Home and Personal Private Cloud standards advocate