Still in the broker marketplace rut, but adding mesh networking to the mix….

The world of CPS is that of creating, managing and leveraging connections. We are however talking about billions of connections. I still think there needs to be a structural and standard change to cloud solutions. Personal and Home Private cloud solutions. Personal cloud is clearly defined today as are private cloud solutions. Personal cloud needs to have additional automated security standards and the concept of Home Private clouds also needs to have automated security standards.

One of the standards that I believe home private, personal and for that matter all cloud send to adopt is that of mesh networks. Both communication and power. Where you have a home network for power and communication. If, for whatever reason the grid changes the pricing for your electricity then your devices know that they need to switch from AC power to battery or other power structures.

Personally I am of the opinion that the creation of a mesh standard for both power and communications is of value. Within the standard for the mesh we can integrate security so that when implemented in a home or personal environment the security won’t require massive setting configuration. It won’t be as secure as it could be with configuration but at least it will stop most attacks. A mesh network represents (see first graphic) multiple end point connections.

A mesh network applied to the power grid would allow you and your neighbors to share power. While this particular potential is 5 or more years past the horizon its out there. It really is the creation of an energy market. Today there are energy markets but you are buying a day in advance for power to be delivered the next day. In the future you will buy energy to use, in the next minute.

Mesh allows multiple points of connection. Mesh for CPS represents the expansion of the design to fail concept. Again, wholly my opinion, but I believe this to become a component of the broader cloud broker marketplace. Where the broker offers a series of CPS systems for consumption by any number of other organizations. In the broker marketplace the members of the broker’s organization could offer their external security video feeds. The broker could then offer multiple external video feeds to its customers. Imagine having to hack 20 companies instead of 1 to knock out video. 19 gets you a prison term. 20 gets success, but you have to be quick before one of the companies reacts.

Home implementations can also leverage shared services. In the case of a home mesh network it would be more likely applied to power than security video feeds (its still rare to see security cameras at someone’s home).

The cloud broker becomes the Cloud Broker Marketplace. A shared services environment where the value is shared across a number of organizations. Beyond cloud and power you could even offer unified business product purchasing through the broker. Imagine saving 25% of your overall supply budget because you are able to buy in bulk, rather than one ream of paper at a time.


Broker Marketplace Advocate