Stuck in the rut of who owns my image…

We are taught at a very young age to look both ways when crossing the street. When my kids were little I used to joke look left, look right and then look up for helicopters. It was a joke but now with the eye in the sky and underwater and well all around us maybe we should start teaching that. Look around you in every direction.

Who will watch the watchers? And what of all those images is the responsibility? If, I commit no crimes, should my image be released or erased? I know this is another one of my ruts. But it is one that continues to bug me. Do I own my image?

Photographers capture moments. They see something in the collection of air and water around them and capture it. It is a vision. But, in this vision there is a person. Their image now forever on my blog. Do they own that image? Or do I? The image means one thing, the text talks about something else.

The copyright of the text is mine. The copyright of someone’s image is owned by them or the photographer (if the person signed a release). All this is well and good. That is not a gray area it is very clearly a legal ownership.

I walk by a camera like this at someone’s home. It captures my image as I walk by. Should that image be stored? Most security cameras are linked to a DVR. They record motion based video. So as you walk by it activates the camera. These cameras by the way record at night as well as in the daytime. You can see the images in the darkness as if it were light outside.

I know I am trying to beat a fart out of a dead horse. But in the end that image is critical. The uniqueness that is you is something you own.


still wondering who owns the image that is me…