Someone is watching you. So the question is do you still own the image that is you?

In the John Mellencamp song “Small town” there is a great line. Talking about growing up in a small town and not caring about the big city but still saying “look who is in the big city.” It’s the mix of what we see and understand and in the end what we value. But there is another part of that and it is really is where CPS is going to live in the future.

Do you see the sensors around you? Video probably as you wander past a video camera. Or you stop at a certain stoplight because there is a red light camera. And its hard to argue right turn on read because you have to appear in court. No matter what you still have to come to a full stop, even if turn on red is legal. The only time you don’t have to slow down is when there is a green arrow. So you stop because of red light sensors.

The rise of the senor isn’t just that they (sensors) are watching us. It is that they are everywhere. Crossing the corner you may see several video cameras pointing at various places.

Homes have them, video cameras that survey the world around us. Recording motion and watching as people sleep. Their unblinking eyes don’t miss events. But those are the sensors we see. There are many more. Motion sensitive, pressure sensitive sensors that watch and see everything. Did you know that someone can hack into your phone and track the sound and motion your phone experiences. Accelerometers and microphones offer a myriad of information and we don’t even know that someone has hacked our phone.

IMG_1152 [1449611]

The nanny cam can be a teddy bear or a camera in an alarm clock. The sensor can be like this, the BUBL camera. It looks like a ball. But it sees all around. 360 degrees of vision resulting in a view of everything.

(by the way if you ever wanted a 360 degree camera for well anything including attaching it to the bottom of a drone get the bubl it rocks)

I’ve talked about continuation and the concept of a modular drone. The thing I guess that today is about is remembering that the sensors are there. Not that people are sitting at desks watching you. They may be. But that they could be watching you.

I asked once as a joke. Then I asked again because I got a lot of interesting responses. Who owns my image when it comes to the world of CPS. If, I am out walking, do I own my image. Because the route I take every afternoon (early evening) has 4 cameras on it. Do I own the image captured by those cameras? Do I own the image captured of my car by a traffic camera when I do not violate the law? I understand the legal concept of if you break the law you have less ownership rights. But do I own my image when I don’t break the law?


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