Information only works when it isn’t a day late and a dollar short…

Transactive Energy in action – this is a link to my report from the solar system for yesterday. I think the link will work for anyone but we will find out!

Why in the end am I spending so my time on TE and Bandwidth. Because beyond the initial three areas of concern (Data, Access and Power) that I’ve talking about there is a quiet revolution happening. Today Washington State gets more than 70% of its consumed power from renewable sources. The country Germany, is moving towards 50% of its energy coming from installed home based solar panels.

TE and CPS however are linked. The reason? Simply put I included a link to a report that I can pull every day. It is a CPS sensor that connects to the digital electric meter of my house to tell me actual power consumption and to my solar system to tell me actual production.

Now for me today this is not critical information. If there was someone in my house that health issues that required energy to support their medical care it would be critical information. But for now its kind of nice to know.

The peaks and valleys of power use in your house remain intriguing. Over time of course you are going to want to change habits and consider becoming even more green. It’s nice to consider the easy ways to help the world around you.

(if you are interested in a solar system and want a referral directly to a sales person that won’t BS you, let me know via email and I will get you to the right person)

I talked about this briefly before and today again loosely. The concept of data that is critical versus data that is nice to know. Both types of data are presented to you. Both have a time to live. The relevance of information is bound to the nature of the information and the timeliness of the presentation.

How many times have you gotten an answer to a problem, a week after you solved the problem. Yes nice to know you did it the right way but in the end too late. So considering that information has a TTL (Time to Live) and also has delivery limit its important that we are able to automate emergency information. There is a great comic I’ve seen in the past about a manhole cover and a person walking with their cell phone. Heads down and not paying attention the person walks into the manhole cover. Given that information existed that could have warned the person, texting them in the hospital after falling doesn’t help them. Flashing on their screen three or four steps before they fall is life changing.

That’s where bandwidth comes to play. The more you have, the more critical information you can get. The less you have the more you need to prioritize your critical information list. This has to be automatic.

A significant component of smart devices will be the understanding of the limits of the bandwidth the user is getting and the priority of the information you need to get to that user.