Flip the switch, what happens?

Traditionally power has been provided and managed centrally. We don’t think about the switch on the wall not working but as long as we pay our bills for the vast majority of time that switch just works. It is a major inconvenience when it doesn’t.

An interesting reality of the new age of power production is that we will continue to expect that light bulb to flick to life. Even if we are installing solar panels on our roof, if it is midnight and the dog barks, we are going to want to flick on the light.

But solar doesn’t work at night, well it does but moonlight produces a trickle – that your house will consume with simply running the refrigerator and freezer or keeping the house cool or warm.

So you can store the power you produce from your solar installation. In large batteries encased in a box on the side of your house. Or install a generator and have it ready to run. Reality is you won’t let that power go off. It is as much a part of modern life as anything. Technology, CPS and IoT all depend on power.

Flip the switch. What happens? The light comes on.

Power for the rest of us! Give it to the man. We will install solar. Eventually the United States will wake up and we will pass the early leaders in home solar production. It only makes sense for national security that we produce as much power from the sun as we can. But the thing people forget is, the power company will still be there.

Taking the overflow energy (more than you can consume) produced during the day and returning that energy to you. Being there on dark cloudy days when your solar roof system doesn’t produce peak power to tide you over. The power company will make sure your switch always flips and the light comes on.

Somehow power companies became bad guys. Providing a service, perhaps charging a little more on the profit side than should be, but still providing a service. Solar Companies saying free yourself from the power company. But you really won’t. You won’t go off the grid and pull the power lines from your house. The power company will still be there on rainy days or when snow covers your solar panels. The power company is always there providing a service for you.

I don’t hear power companies running to state and national governments decrying solar panels. They are building systems to make solar power more effective for the home owner. They are trying to be partners in the green energy future.

Flip the switch. What happens? Because the power company has been there and even if you have solar will be there tomorrow as well.


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