Peering into the future to see what they remember of now (the past).

I posted a family history blog this morning about Colonial Williamsburg. As I was writing about the pictures I wandered off into a more philosophical discussion of what will be remembered.

So what poignant things have we created? The internet, cloud and the explosion of technology as an enabler. Every profession is impacted by technology. We haven’t harnessed the good to help everyone yet. I hope that lies just beyond today’s horizon. Feed the hungry and provide meaningful education for everyone. Technology will allow the world to do that. The images of Hungary and the refugees, the images of Syria becoming distant memories.

What will be remembered of today?

Can we boil the last twenty years down to a single icon? An apple perhaps with a bite removed? Or the image of Bill Gates? Steve Jobs and Apple were iconic but their market shift was in the creation of the iPhone. Bill Gates was the vision of computing power. Unleashed and unfettered, computing power for everyone. Remember in the early days of Apple they were aligned with Motorola for their computer chips. Microsoft aligned with Intel.

Or with any great hope are we last generation of open warfare? Where violence is an answer.

I hope we are the last generation of warfare, but I would hate to be remembered as the last generation that supported and had open warfare. I would prefer we were remembered for something else.

So what will it be? What is the memory that will be shown to school children in 200 years?

What will be recalled?


Looking forward to look backwards