The three pillars of professional standards. And the ITABoK!!!!!!

Great email question yesterday. What is the best way for a profession to implement standards (and eventually move to a formalized code of ethics)? Well the easy way to have standards is to evolve the profession to the standards. IT Architecture and the nature of what IT Architects do lends itself to a number of standards.

The three pillars depicted here are great starting points. The first being Professional Knowledge. Then there are the various professional practices and finally the professional engagement itself. Those three pillars help a profession move forward.

The Board of Directors of IASA, is in the professional of adopting a code of standards for members of the board. By no means will the restrictive rules applied to the BoD apply to the members. But it is important to know that we aren’t creating rules without applying rules ourselves.

I have argued for years against the long help belief that people pay for what we know. I fought against the knowledge hoarding culture for many years. But frankly KM systems are difficult. For KM systems to work you encompass more than just process. You have to capture people and technology.

IASA has developed and continues to develop professional knowledge that is freely available. The ITABoK is located off the main IASA Site ( and is ultimately where the professional standards will live. We will be publishing the BoD code of standards on the ethics tab of the ITABoK as well as a more formalized professional code of standards in the next few weeks.

The evolution of the ITABoK adds professional and professional practices into an easily consumed format. It gives both IT Organizations and IT Architects one place to go for the what and how of IT Architecture. Practices and Knowledge in one managed place that is both peer reviewed, but open to submission. The birth of an IT Architect body of Knowledge. Now ITABoK has been around for awhile but the new V3 pushes us further and further into the capturing of knowledge and the practices of the profession.

Our last pillar is the reality of IT Architects. If, an IASA Certified or Open Group Certified architect appears at your door step and you decide to engage them what in the end do you get? More to come on this last pillar. Check out the ITABoK a growing repository of what is possible for the IT Architect profession.


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