The foundation of IT Architecture–the standards we deliver to!

A strong foundation is what keeps the building from toppling over. The foundation for a profession is the standards. The better the standards the less likely the profession is to topple later. Again standards are not a code of ethics. A code of ethics is something a profession expects new members to accept and swear to. The profession IT Architect is not ready for a code of ethics. There have been a few attempts around the edges of the IT  Architect profession that have ultimately failed.

Standards answer the why question before you interact with a professional. You know your doctor will adhere to certain standards of care as they engage and treat you for an issue. The same is true for IT Architects. There are standards that all IT Architects regardless of discipline adhere to and deliver on.

I posted three yesterday. I later realized the first one is actually a description of the role IT Architect and not a standard.

  • IT Architects are not technologists only. This is actually a description and not a standard. The standard is The role IT Architect does not have to be technology focused.
  • IT Architects have loosely defined roles. Only loosely as we continue to add new roles to the overall definition. Business, Information, Infrastructure, Solution, Enterprise, Operations and Security are all disciplines within IT Architecture today.
  • IT Architects build solutions that benefit the delivery of the mission or function of an organization or business.

These initial three standards are the building blocks upon which the foundation is delivered going forward.


building a foundation