Defining the Standards (well first three) of the IT Architect Profession.

Standards of conduct allow a profession to say “act within the boundaries of our profession.” while not a overall code of ethics the standards of a profession allow the profession to both govern its members but also to present itself to the world. We are IT Architects, that means you will see the following behaviors (list to be created).

As a note. The intent of these posts is to build the standards for the IT Architect profession. While the long term dream is to build and polish a code of ethics,. we first have to have standards for our profession.

A code of ethics can be difficult. It is something however that professions adhere to, call them a code or call them standards but they are the same. Sometimes they are hidden in a professional oath. But ethics are a component of what makes a profession a profession.

The standards of a profession are comprised of the ethics of the individuals. What they do when presented with something that isn’t defined. There are a number of psychological or moral dilemmas made famous by Kohlberg. What would you do if you came across a 20 dollar bill on the ground with no one around? What about 100 dollar bill? What about a dollar bill, knowing that you just passed a crying child that couldn’t pay for his ice cream because his dollar had fallen out of his pocket?

Hopefully as you find that dollar, it replaces the dollar you already gave the crying child.

The standards for IT Architecture are extremely interesting. First, because it is new in the sense that no one has documented the edges of the profession. Secondly it is interesting because well, I am an IT Architect.

  • IT Architects are not technologists only.
  • IT Architects have loosely defined roles. Only loosely as we continue to add new roles to the overall definition. Business, Information, Infrastructure, Solution, Enterprise, Operations and Security are all disciplines within IT Architecture today.
  • IT Architects build solutions that benefit the delivery of the mission or function of an organization or business.

A wise man once wrote “I can see as far as I am willing to look.” Beyond where I am isn’t as clear as right next to me.

There are many more boundaries and edges to the IT Architect profession. The concept of standards will allow IT Architects to explain who and what they are.

More to come…


IT Architect Ethicist.