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Continuing my ethical posts. I had a conversation with a friend and while we were talking he reminded me of a couple of ethical sticking points architects sometimes run into.

First off software architects have to consider their personal bias. As you consider solutions and gather overall requirements you have to consider the reality of your own bias. Your bias can change not only what you gather as requirements but also how you rank those requirements as needs in building a solution.

The other trap is forgetting the business in gathering requirements. Not that you aren’t working with the business to gather requirements but more that you forget how the business makes money or meets its mission while gathering requirements.

It was a good conversation and really helped me start to codify some of the initial ethical boundaries that we have to consider as we move into the software architecture space.

Draft 3 Architect Code

  • I will act without bias in gather requirements.
  • I will select solutions based on the overall technical need balancing the monetary, technological, user and operations impact of the solution that is selected.
  • I will align with organizational guidelines when considering both the overall solution and the requirements for that solution.

Slowly but surely moving towards a code of ethics. Now there are other parts like how a software architect acts within various scenarios. But that is more an interpersonal communications issue not an ethical issue. The ethical boundaries within a profession shouldn’t have to extend to morality. A profession shouldn’t have to say you will act within the laws of the country you are operating in. That should just be a given.


Continuing towards an ethical tomorrow

2 thoughts on “A Software Architect Code…

  1. I like these and they are shaping up nicely. Recent events have forced me to think about “good enough” quite a bit and I would love to see how you can tease that out a little more.

    1. Lowest cost technically acceptable 🙂

      Good enough is a great argument one that lots of companies have considered for a long time.

      I think within the ethics of software architects we have to consider good enough part of the alignment between the business requirements and the proposed overall solution.

      Its a balancing act…

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