Back to the concepts of Cloud Broker 3.0…

The presence of inter-connected networks resulted in the growth and explosion of Cloud Computing. The growth of Cloud allowed for the expansion of the concept that was to become IoT. IoT grows into the broader concept of CPS.

All of this resulting I believe in the rise of Cloud Brokers. Not the defined aggregator of cloud services or the middle person in the cloud transactional equation. Rather the more traditional broker as a market. Where as I laid out in my piece on the Broker Marketplace the broker is able to aggregate not only services within a cloud but also within the organizations that participate in the cloud.

This Cloud Broker is the evolution of the evolution. Where the concepts laid out in the original definitions of brokers (aggregator of cloud services) are expanded to create the newer Cloud Broker 2.0 (consolidator and managed services offerings) resulting in Cloud Broker 3.0, the Cloud Marketplace.

When I was young I was exposed to the Sunday Market in Bangkok Thailand. There are many of them around the city. Everyone comes to a central location and they sell their wares. This aggregation of services represents part of what the Broker 3.0 will become.

  • Automated provisioning of cloud services
  • Automated (where possible) migration of on premise applications to cloud solutions
  • Application management (all the ‘ileitis required for proper management)
  • Application Assessment: Not limited to is it cloud ready but including security, performance and ultimately is there a better way to do it?
  • Application rental for both established companies and startups.
  • High end security services such as IDS, Threat Prevention, data monitoring and many others.
  • Crowd Funding within the broker. Say all the companies in an industrial park sign up for a specific broker. The broker can create a local shared services marketplace where companies can join together in acquiring expensive services and share those across multiple companies. High end laser printers, or a fleet of video enabled security drones.
  • Shared services: Why does everyone need an ERP solution when the broker can offer it as well as any number of business services to the companies in the brokerage.

It is moving Cloud Brokers to the more traditional role taken by brokers within markets. As markets evolve brokers appear. Brokers act as the intermediaries bridging supply and demand gaps. They also absorb some of the risk within the market. Cloud Brokers will become the incubators for Crowd Funded projects as well as the incubators for startups. All the services a company needs to get up and running available within the brokers services.

It is a natural evolution within the market. Brokers allow the maturing market to expand quickly. The Cloud Broker 3.0 and its later iterations will move past simply being an aggregation of series. The broker marketplace will enable organizations to utilize expensive toolsets that they cannot afford on their own. It will enable startups to have access to greater resources.

Cloud Broker 3.0 is coming.