Shameless Review: Pebble Time!


I decided to do my review of the Pebble Time on this blog instead of my tradition of using my other blog for reviews.

The first thing is, it is incredibly easy to setup. It has a new application different from the old Pebble App. As in the previous pebble they have a screen notifying you when the device is charging. The first Pebbles didn’t have that and it is really a nice feature. The number and types of watch faces available is incredible.

I paired the watch with my iPhone about an hour or so after I got it (changed it first)


So The Things I love:

  • The new app (see left) is very cool
  • I love the look and feel
  • I love the animation when I dismiss something
  • You can connect and control every application that has notifications on your phone.
  • The color screen is amazing.
  • Band is nice I love leather.
  • Overall screen is improved from last Pebble, which was pretty good overall.

What I don’t like:


  • Battery life is a little less than the previous two Pebbles.

Overall the device is a great improvement and moves much closer to the concept of the screen as a service. People are used to people checking their watches in meetings. Its rude to check your watch in a meeting but it is far ruder to take your phone out and check it during a meeting.

pebble has great integration with the applications on my device and offers a lot of very cool new applications. Run keeper is great for keeping track of how far you walk in a day. It is nice because it actually publishes on your screen

Overall this is a great improvement in a product that continues to make great strides with every release of devices and software.


A pebble not a continent