Recap–Windows 10 upgrade :-)

IMG_0861 [1473524]

So from an ironic perspective an image taken of the Windows upgrade status screen by my iPhone. I couldn’t resist the irony of the image.

Overall the process as stated previously was not difficult. I only have two applications that had to be upgraded. I am not running Hyper-V on this system (it is my VMWare host as well) so I did upgrade VMWare to Workstation 12. But the only other applications I use all the time that I had to modify were quick and easy fixes.

I really need to clean my office. When it gets colder and I have more time that I don’t want to be outdoors I will spend some time organizing the mess.

Three of my computers will not move to Windows 10. One because it is a Mac. The other two because they are older hardware and the cost of upgrading the hardware is more than the value of the PC. One of them is just my Carbonite online backup system so it isn’t fatal if it never leaves Windows 7. At some point I will jettison it and move the backup to another PC.

I will have to build a VM to run Windows 8.1 and Office 32 bit to support Systran. Systran doesn’t like either Windows 10 or 64 bit office. So that is an add on project I will have to do to support language translation. Google translate does a good job but Systran can take an entire document which is why I like it.

That is why I use the AABY product for automated OCR. So far everything is working with Windows 10 that I have to have. Some of the minor apps that were nice to have I moved to my iPhone and iPad more than a year ago. So productivity wise everything is where I need it to be.

It was that upgrade process that got me thinking what what it is I really need to use. I have over the years collected a number of devices and software packages that I don’t use as often as I should. Some are tools (AABY) that I only use when I need them (Systran) but when I need them well I need them. So I keep them up to date so they are ready to go. But there are tools that I have that I do not get the value out of.

Ten Applications I need/use

  1. VMWare Workstation (1 machine)
  2. Hyper-V (1 machine)
  3. Cakewalk (I love creating music)
  4. Pinnacle Video Producer
  5. Dragon Naturally speaking
  6. AABY (OCR Package)
  7. Microsoft Office
  8. Office Live Writer
  9. iTunes and PonoWorld
  10. Control4

I do use Visual studio from time to time mostly for PowerShell scripting. Not as much now as I used to though. I do also use a couple of different picture editing tools but again less than I used to.

My top 10 varies greatly in terms of order. When I need one of them I need it and it moves to the top. MS Office moves up to the top during the work week.


iPhone image taker of Windows 10 upgrade screen