The potential outweighs the bad for CPS.

Interesting in the news lately is the problems caused by drones. I wonder what flying cars will do? Seriously drones like anything have to operate in the right places. You can’t have a system where drones fly in places that other craft are already occupying. But the reality of the drone world is just beginning.

Like any emerging technology particularly in the CPS space (Cyber Physical System) you going to run into issues. The very reality of video surveillance and the ability to move from virtual to real is the basis of any number of movies and TV shows (Ex-Machina and Person of Interest to name a few). The potential for great good always comes with some initial startup concerns.

Yesterday I talked about the new reality of 3d laser mapping. This is something that is heavily used in the video game industry to make sure that simulated motion has the same impact in the world that real motion does. My initial thinking that I threw out was the reality of using it to reduce the impact of pot holes. For a small cost major roads could be effectively mapped an monitored. A pot hole would be a variance in a 3d map.

There are many more things that the technology can and will be used for. I am thinking that solar companies will use drones to map roofs, take before and after pictures. Physically hardened drones and fly into clouds of sculpture to measure both the air quality but also take images of the volcano loser than a human can from the vantage point of above.

Firefights can use 3d mapping to compare a burning buildings roof to the original and determine if it is safe to send people onto the roof. Infrared cameras can be used to determine where the fire is relative to the roof. The same is true for forest fires and sending something into a dangerous space.

But like any new technology there are people that abuse the initiation. They fly close to jets as they are landing. People with toys don’t always think about the impact on other people that are using the same things as a tool.

The next big step is the ability to take the various map types and use them as a single package. Overlaying a high level view, with a topographic map and a 3d map that shows even greater detail but also more up to the minute detail.


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