Continuation, simple architecture and a brewing storm of CPS…

So I have been writing a lot about continuation and the Simple software architecture movement lately. I posted a link to my Linkedin Summation of Continuation. There is a great comment from someone on Linkedin (long time hero and very smart guy). He said I wondering how much longer you were going to talk about Continuation.

One more day – Smile. There is a reason for the continuation and the Simple Architecture Movement blogs lately. As I read about the concept and expansion of Cyber Physical Systems I am getting concerned.

There is a reason for CPS, which is the new name more fitting name for the Internet of Things (IoT). 50 billion potential CPS devices by 2020 according to various annalists.

CPS reminds us that we need both security and physical infrastructure to maintain the communication, sensing and value of these devices. What is the value of a remote weather station? That it can report the remote weather. The value of a video sensor is not people realizing it is there and scaring htem. It is providing video so people can see what is going on.

Bandwidth, that I have talked about before a couple of times is a concern. Is there enough available? We are bound by the speed of light. Is there enough fiber laid in the world to support 50 billion devices? How many home owners are going to throw their hands up in disgust as the new world order brings their home network to its knees.

I see a HUGE new business for home automation companies. Fixing home networks in the CPS age. Expanding, adding boosters and making Wi-Fi work in neighborhoods across the nation. Then all that data has to go somewhere. Oh yeah the public internet. So the governments of the world see that. They move to private networks as do large companies. Now you have the private internet, the public internet and the dark or deep web.  Bandwidth is a concern going forward.

But it isn’t the big one. I’ve designed systems for customers with 800-1000 physical servers. Moved customers to systems with 1000 virtual servers. I have friends that have built systems even larger with customers. But none of them have designed and documented a system with billion objects. The largest directory systems I’ve seen have between 200 and 300 million objects. When you start talking about 10’s of billions of objects it becomes a bigger problem.

First off it’s a HUGE directory that you don’t move often. I doubt there will be like Shodan, one search site that can cover this. There won’t be one directory that stores all of these devices. The very infrastructure that this system rides on is going to be complex. The ripple affect of one part of the internet going offline due to an accident will send a ripple through the internet that will swamp the entire thing.

Not, having a simple architecture for the whole thing is going to make it even harder to maintain. So that is why, the conversations about Simple Architecture and Continuation. There is a storm cloud on the horizon. If are we are careful the storm won’t impact us. If we aren’t careful the storm will set us back 10 years or more.


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