The dream that is continuation

I have been talking about connection and continuation for the past few days. The logical impact of IoT is the ability to improve both the points of connection and in the end the continuation of the data stream.

You can within families of technology get close to continuation today but the continuation is limited to the family and doesn’t always work cleanly. Continuation has to be clean. Its like the cloud computing concept of portability (which is the genesis of the continuation concept). Where I can put data in any cloud and any storage system and move it at my will without having to design a data transformation and migration project.

I have spent a vast portion of my career breaking silos. The problem with silos is that they support the concepts of discontinuation. You can’t have continuation with silos. Data that lives in silos can be really hard to make portable. I have been fighting silos most of my IT career. The funny thing is the very technology world in which I work is soloed. Big Data, Cloud and others separate silos. Certainly we work to connect solutions to the cloud, but in the end within any two cloud service providers it is hard to share services.

Yes continuation is a dream. It is a vision of a future that doesn’t yet exist. the pieces needed for continuation are there. Every single day Sonos, Bose and the other manufactures’ of wireless speakers add capabilities. Soon you will have the ability to connect your home audio system easily to a web meeting system. Many newer televisions come with cameras built in, making any room in your house a conference center.

Some exceptional products that are available now that make the experience even more interactive. Surface Hub from Microsoft, this is the best acquisition/creative solution they have come up with recently. A wall mounted computer system that acts as a whiteboard and a computer at the same time. Keecker, a product I’ve talked about before, a portable intelligent screen launching in January. E-Beam an exceptional device that turns your whiteboard into an interactive electronic board. The silos have produced amazing technology. The Surface Hub is the first to attempt to bridge the conference room computer/display hurdle. The success or failure of that line of products will be the development of continuation. Taking what is on my laptop now and throwing it to the Surface Hub on my wall. (by the way vice versa is also important)

The dream is near. You see the very world created by the launch of the internet of things (IoT) is in reality the framework upon which continuation will ride. It is perhaps time to consider a SMPTE (time code used in the Video world) based protocol that rides between devices. Enabling continuation by time stamping data on devices so that crisp handoffs can be easily made.

Continuation is the future of what IoT will bring. Perhaps in the end beyond the 2020 explosion that will be home based IoT. Perhaps the next wave after that. But coming, and not to far in the future.


Continuation dreamer