Communication is not an art. The art is in seeing your own flaws…

Connections. They are interesting. You can spend your life wondering about the what and how of connections and still never get them. For example, I have connections with my children that are different. Each of them is unique and each connection is unique. I have friends around the world, some I can tease and some I cannot. It doesn’t mean the ones I tease are more special and the one’s I don’t are less. It is rather the nature of the connection.

The same is true for devices. Although, the fact that there are more types of USB connections than 1 is annoying. Each device has a number of types of connections. Be it to a wireless network (wi-fi), or a Bluetooth connection (or the new BLE Bluetooth Low Energy) connection. We connect without thinking all day long. Both devices and people.

They, connections, are also the most complex things you can be involved with. Both devices and people. Troubleshooting why a device doesn’t see a Bluetooth component or a Wi-Fi network can take hours. Troubleshooting interpersonal connections can take even longer. The what and why of anger alone can occupy you for weeks.

Why is someone angry. What have I done to anger them. Was it me? Was it a combination of what else happened and something I did?

Now as an advocate of simple software architectures I can honestly tell you that complex is also fragile. By default the more complex a system is in operations the more fragile it is. The more moving pieces the more likely as Mr. Murphy said so many years ago things are to break.

By the way the same is true of personal relationships. The more complex the connection the more likely there are a number of failure points. The question is did you notice the points of failure?

I have friends that are abrupt. They don’t tolerate mediocrity. As such at times people perceive them as abrasive. They are, it is part of their personality. You have to be aware of the communication sytle of the connection. The more complex the communication style of the connection the more likely it is to have weakness. Bluethooth, an easy to connect protocol has a distinct physical limit of around 20-30 feet. That end game number decreases rapidly as obstacles are added between the device and the reciever. Wi-Fi has a long range and more bandwidth but is also impacted by a number of other things.

So know the points of failure. Structural and inherent you have to know the points of failure. Both to monitor those within your system or within your interactions with other people. The points of failure, by the way, can also be caused by your own limitations. I have been for the past 7 years publishing communication patterns and the resulting anti-patterns. One of the great barriers can be our own limitations. We can’t check our own personality problems with the coat check at the front door.

Sometimes failure is simply too much stress on a point that is weakened. Sometimes failure is our own limitations brining out the weakness of someone else. Watch, learn and know what your limits are.


Lost in the communications wasteland