The sum of the whole greater than the sum of the parts. Continuation of continuation….

I’ve been thinking about my concept, the home/car as a computer. I suspect the revolution and change won’t occur overnight. Moving to a world where everything is connected and connection = continuation. It is not a new theme or a one of a kind Jazz rift. People envisioned this happening back in the 1940’s (the rise of Sci-Fi’s Autonoman). People have been seeking to build the first fully functional AI for many years. Movies like Chappie and Ex-Machina walk that path but not as far into the future as it was in 1949.

This brings me to an interesting (for me) concept. What, if your home and your car become your computer. Your office also becomes a computer. Now, you exist where ever you are. Location independent because your computer exists. You are connected to that system directly (sitting at home, sitting at your desk at the office or sitting in your car) or indirectly (Cellular device). The concepts of automation (remove complexity, automate tasks and functions) become both integration and continuation. The concepts of what is automated changes. You automate a car differently than you automate a house. Continuation however remains constant. Always move me to the nearest most powerful system.

The speakers of a car are nice. The speakers of a house are better and frankly the speakers on my cellular device are interesting but always the last choice. Now the question is seamless transition. Can I simply walk between rooms (and have my conference call move with me, not playing in the entire house, just the room I am in). Can I leave my car, enter the garage and have my video conference displayed on the garage wall. And then on the walls of the house? Can I continue the movie I was watching in the car in the house. Can I continue the music I was listening to on the deck in my house, then my car and finally as I walk into a store on my ear buds?

Yes this would be a complex system. Complex in the sense that the system has to be able to respond to multiple people. Your home then zoned into multiple listening areas. Mobile/portable personal presence devices enabled not only at your home, but in your office. This allows you to truly be two places at once. Or for that matter if you have a long commute, three places at once. (Home, Car and Office). Due to the nature of the human brain we are not phenomenal at multitasking, but we are able to handle fast task switching. Someone asks you a question at the office, you can engage with that person.

All of this by the way pulled from numerous science fiction movies. Plus, numerous kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. Much of what is possible, is possible now. The missing piece remains the concept of continuation and that exists today it just doesn’t cross technologies effectivly.

Self-Driving cars are less than 5 years from being real. Home automation has come really far in just the past 4 years and will be light years ahead by the start of 2020. IoT continues to expand not only the sensors we use but the very sensors around us. All of this today integrated with your cellular phone. The only transitional piece that is missing, is continuation.

It is the final piece of a fully automated infrastructure. To be able to continue regardless of end system. To make the pieces that combine to result in the whole worth more as the whole.


Continuation Dreamer