The 3d Cameras have arrived…

The 3d cameras are here. The advent of 3d cameras allows for many potential solutions that do not exist today. For example, easy access to 3d cameras allows you to film and produce movies that show both depth and field. Traditionally expensive conference room systems would allow you to use depth in presenting a conference room. Now with a fairly inexpensive camera you can do the same anywhere.

First out of the gate (for me) was the Bubl Cam. With its iPhone software you connect via Wi-Fi to the Bubl Cam. First off setup is straight forward. Download the app from iTunes and charge the Bubl cam. Then connect to it’s wi-fi network and you can start taking 3d images.

Literally in Xplor (the Bubl Cam iPhone app) you can move around whatever axis you have the camera on. I tried it on a desk and then on the ground and could see everything. Rendering a space in 3d allows you to prepare for the same space in VR. My next goal is to connect the Bubl Cam to my laptop and see what you can see on the other side of a web meeting.

It is fun although a little “dizzying” if that is a word to view a room in 3d. Bubl can also be used stand alone without the connection and records to a MicroSD or MicroSDHC card. That let’s you store up to 32 gigs of video. I am playing with the various views and modes right now and haven’t really recorded anything worth saving.

Bubl cam was a kickstarter success and with Bubl Cam and Snooper Scope (a night vision camera that connects to the iPhone as well) there are so many new ways to view the world it is amazing. Add the laser measurement (Spike) tool and now your iPhone can become not only a 3d scanner, 3d camera, night vision scope but also a laser measurement tool.

The IoT portable world is expanding and boy oh boy is it cool!


Virtual systems pioneer