And then there were none…

I saw an interesting show yesterday about technology. It was either MSNBC or CNN and I caught the last five minutes or so. It was a apologist and a technologist. The technologist was arguing the good of technology the apologist was saying because of all the hacks we need to slow down.

I do agree with both positions although less with the apologist and the complete stop. Rather that we need to have more security in what we are doing now. The what and how of hacks is becoming scary. The recent conversation has been about the ability to hack a moving car. That is a really bad situation. From the broad stopping aggressive driver stance it might be good, forcing them off the road so the rest of us can safely drive. Of course if you can hack one car you can hack every car, so then what is aggressive driving?

Security and technology have to become one. Not security through a series of monitored processes resulting in an intrusion detection system that stops the bad guys once they are in. Proactive security that upon the first nibble a hook is set and the hacker is yanked out of the water to be displayed as the catch of the day.

Hacking, because of computers is anonymous. Pulling hackers into the light of the day makes them less effective. Just like any other crime, its harder to commit if people can see you.

The other side of security is that it has to be easier. Today we utilize systems that aren’t as effective because they are easy to by pass. That is where technology needs to improve not just automation but automated security.

The technologist talked about more and more automation. I agree with him although I would argue that the automation that comes next has to be simpler. We cannot automate for automation sake, we need to have systems that are more responsive and adaptive. His argument was for the area of intelligent automation that became aware of an modified the response to stimuli. The reality of IoT (internet of things) is that ability to connect to the infinite number of devices around you. The concept of screens as a service or offload compute power to another system already exist today and are expanding every day.

Security becomes, is and always should be the responsibility of the user. We have come over the past years to expect with more and more automation that the vendor and IT departments we work with provide that security. But with IoT we need to consider that position carefully. As I stated earlier I believe the future has to be intelligent security and in agreeing with the Technologist more and more intelligent automation. Both of these together will move everything forward much faster.