What will future humans think when they uncover the technology of modern man?

The wonder of technology. A new series I am starting today. First off my disclaimer I am a technologist. I work in a technology field and I am an early adopter of many technology trends. Not because I fear other people being ahead of me rather because I enjoy figuring out how things work.

I am the guy with the house that other people come to and they say how did you do that, or what is that? I find myself thinking about how to make the various gadgets and technology components work together. But I also think about larger topics like how innovators work and why innovation is different now than it was ten years ago.

First as a technologist I am interested in not only the what and how, but the why of technology. Many years ago as I was first starting out in IT my boss used to say “we don’t do technology for technologies sake projects. We do projects that use technology to solve business problems). I have carried that with me ever since. I started the simple architecture movement (only document the things that aren’t reference) from that.

But technology is more than what you carry in your pocket or what you wear. It is life changing. Some of that change is good some is bad. In the end technology has changed the world radically. It will change the world again.

Traffic lights that now have red light cameras. Indisputable evidence that you did not stop at that light. Cameras that show the world from space. So you can see your house, from far above. Devices in the medical field that help people survive far longer than ever before.

Technology is something that scares people though. First because some people struggle with actually using technology. What buttons to press and how do I operate the device. Many people avoid technology because of that fear. They end up not using things just because they are technology.

Other people embrace technology but keep it hidden. As though the LCD TV hidden in their living room makes it better. It doesn’t by the way. We all know what the cabinet by the fireplace is for.

Technology is a game changing force. It has changed the game over the past 60 years. At first in many bad ways, improving our ability to kill each other. Then in many good ways changing not only our ability to save lives but also extending the lives that were already there.

Technology has and continues to change the world. Eventually the advances will continue to improve our lives and make things better. Changing the human experience one gadget at a time.


IASA Fellow