Home Automation and the concept of scenes…

clip_image002Over the past few day’s I’ve been talking a Home Automation projects. I’ve given you four good first projects. I’ve talked about getting your network in order. Make sure you consider not only the traffic you have now but what may come. I’ve talked about creating zones for your actual network including multiple Wi-Fi zones and considering using the power lines of your house to mover Ethernet information.

All of this in the end to create a scene. That is what home automation is about. Creating the ability to automate a series of tasks to make your life easier. Some of them don’t or won’t require human intervention to work. Have a sun room? Don’t use it during the early morning because it is too bright? Automated shades are the answer. Set them up so that they lower when the sun is pouring in and raise later in the day when the sun is past and doesn’t glare.

clip_image004You can also have lighting scenes. Coming home after dark? Wouldn’t it be nice when you garage door opens that it lights all the lights on your path to getting inside? Flight attendants always say in the case of an emergency lights in the floor will light up to show you the way to the exit. In the case of coming home late, in the dark, all the lights you need will be on, automatically.

clip_image006You can automate door codes so that when codes are entered into your door different things happen. If it is the cleaning crew perhaps all the lights in the house are turned on for 2 hours. Then automatically all lights still on are turned off. Or perhaps you have scenes for family members and so on.

All of this the power of automation. But the door is only opening. The next is the integration of your car into this overall automation system. Listening to the new CD by Neil Young? No problem, you can listen to that in the car because the automation system will transfer it. It becomes even more than that. On a work call in the car? Get to the garage/ What if the system was able to transfer that call to your home speaker system. You could relax in quiet in a comfortable chair and finish that work day call at home.

All of this is possible with a central managed system. That’s why I’ve talked about the important not only of your network but that your new solution is a Hybrid Cloud. You will over automation and services in your home, away from your home and to your guests. Eventually we will see connections between home automation systems and social media. The lines of demarcation will blur. Friends from social media will be warmly greeted at the door by the house. You will know when someone you don’t know is at the door. All integrated and offered to users of your home.

Hybrid Cloud and Home Automation. The future is now.


IASA Fellow