Home automation has to equal home security!!!!!!!


clip_image002We’ve talked about configuring and managing your home network. Considering that in the end what you are effectively building is a hybrid cloud solution.

You have segmented your network into productive segments. Multiple Wi-Fi routers so that you have one for IoT devices and one for the rest of the devices on your network.

If the router you are given by the internet provider allows you to create QOS rules, you can further segment your network by reducing the available bandwidth for the IoT devices.

You’ve considered and selected your first home automation project. You’ve evaluated the hubs that are on the market now and you’ve decided on one that supports your first automation project and your next one as well. The goal is not to end up with more automation gateways than IoT devices so consider the clip_image004second decision for a long time.

As you see in this overall diagram you have now with your first project done implemented a personal Hybrid Cloud.

The beauty is you can now connect to your home from anywhere. Add a personal presence device and you can be at home at any time.

It also means that anyone else can be in and around your home. You’ve now opened your home to anyone that can get past your security. It’s time to up your security game!

clip_image006The first thing is don’t freak out. Yes there are black hats out there that hack into systems. But for the most part they aren’t likely to connect to and control your home just because it’s a Tuesday afternoon.

Still, the issue isn’t the deep web and the real hackers. The issue is exploits that are found and made available so that people interested in turning a fast buck and disable your security system, enter your house and steal all your things. Making sure you have a strong password is critical. Something that you know but isn’t easily found out about you. We joked for many years when we would do security audits that all you had to do to crack most passwords was look around the space the person sat in. Normally you could find their password just by looking at the nearest picture or by picking up their keyboard and reading it on the post it note.

Good password policies create pass phrases. IWANTT@LEARNTOFL&. Again something that you know and will remember but someone else will have a hard time cracking.

More to come….


IASA Fellow