The merging of IoT and Cloud Broker in The Broker Market©…

clip_image002The Internet of things presents a number of interesting possible concepts when merged with the broader concept of a cloud broker. First off, not an aggregator of cloud services, rather a broker of secure cloud services. You see the IoT presents many interesting security issues. The first is the personal security issue of your image. Who ultimately owns the images of people? Today we have security cameras everywhere. We see on the various police shows that those cameras are often used to identity criminals. But on the path the fleeing person is taking there are people that haven’t committed criminal acts. Well they may have littered but that is a misdemeanor. Their image is captured and entered into the police file used in the trail for the person in question. No one asks them for permission.

It is as much a personal privacy issue as it is anything else. That my image is mine. Once captured on a camera I didn’t see and stored because someone who stole an iPhone raced past me as they attempted to escape justice isn’t a reason my image should be stored. That is an issue that cloud brokers will not participate in. However, one of the areas that is interesting is the extension of the organization. Where like Ross Perot did many years ago with EDS, the services organizations have are reused and the original organization gets money back. Say for example your company is a startup. You decide to go with Broker A. You happen as most startups do to be in an area with other companies. Some are established and have video surveillance equipment. Do to the nature of video surveillance they do not just surveil their front door. They happen to get your front door as well. Within a cloud broker there is the opportunity for markets. I have a video feed of a building. I am a startup that happens to in that building but can’t afford an expensive video system but I would still like security. I can rent that feed from the company that already has it.

clip_image004Imagine the possibilities. Color laser printers, plotters and other specialized printers could be rented to other organizations using the same broker. It’s secure in that the broker would manage the transactions. You don’t actually have to have a commerce system because the broker will manage the exchange of money. You could even just get the revenue as a reduction in the overall cost of your broker. The myriad of IoT devices you have, could be quickly shared with other companies using the broker. IoT and the broker as a marketplace. I want, you have and we share.

The other side of this is it also prevents one organization from having their security taken out. The concept of a mesh network, where the devices of the IoT surveillance system talk to each other is expanded by the brokers mesh network. You want to attack any one physical location you may have to take out many more companies. The risk for the hacker is the more surface they are attacking the far greater the likelihood that the attack is discovered earlier. Backup security systems including 100’s of tiny drones could then be activated. Suddenly the smash and grab isn’t as viable an option. The disable the cameras and break into a building isn’t as viable. Plus the drones are really annoying as they buzz around your head.

clip_image006There are many other ways beyond this initial marketplace of security that the broker could offer. A unified service catalog would allow organizations from startups to large corporations to consider the reality of buy local. Using the broker’s catalog as both a place to gain and leverage services they need but also as a place to advertise and market the things they can do. The overall cost of technology goes down radically if you can fund a portion of its use though the broker marketplace. That secure marketplace also doesn’t have to impact the revenue of the organization. The monetary value of the solution could be provided as reduced broker fees. Or it could be provided as actual ongoing revenue during the times the market is slow.

The Broker Market© can be as broad as the customers capabilities. Print shops could partner with brokers to provide reduced cost printing capabilities, shipping capabilities and so on. Have a security feed? Share that with your neighbors. Now a new camera added by company B that covers a corner of your building previously uncovered is yours for less than the overall cost because you are simply using the utility pricing model pay for what you use. 10 companies in a geographic location could band together and have surveillance drones for their industrial park a lot cheaper (you are paying for 2 drones, but suddenly have 18 more in the air if needed). The Broker Market© gives companies more capabilities at the lower utility pricing model.

(Broker Market© is a concept of Creative Technology & Innovation)


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.