The dawn of the age of Smart Devices. Or only pay for the TV you watch not all the TV they send you!

The world of Smart Devices continues to expand. For example there is a new young rising company (link to their YouTube is here) that offer innovative views to what smart devices may yet become. What was a dumb device yesterday may become a smart device tomorrow. Everything from Solar Panels on your roof or in your yard, to your home’s furnace/ac can be connected as a device now.

clip_image002You can connect your dog’s collar and food/water dishes to the Internet now. Why? So you can see what and where your dog is when you can’t be there. So you can feed your dog when you are running late. Our dogs get anxious if they don’t get fed at the same time every day. When you are beholden to others you get a little nervous they might forget you.

Meta Innovations is presenting interesting automation options. The concept in the video is for more than just what is seen rather as an automation platform. To me that is the next step. Not individual smclip_image004art devices but an intelligent platform. The concept of the smart phone linked to smart devices providing the initial platform. The connection however needs to move from the smart phone to all devices. Content you like playing on your car radio should simply move into your house/apartment when you pull into the garage. The same is true in the morning as you leave.

A device that is aware of your day. Knows your calendar but also knows the news that is critical for you. An example, letting you know that the weather forecast you got in the morning is no longer true. That in fact the weather is now bad and you need a jacket/umbrella. Intelligent televisions that start off with a screen when you turn them on having used facial recognition to know who is in the room therefore what viewing options that person enjoys.

Beyond that how about smart pricing for television. Pay for what you actually use? That would cut into the overall cost of television radically. You pay for what you watch based on the various smart TV’s in the house. I suspect my bill would drop through the floor fairly quickly.

clip_image006Smart devices allow you to have connections that you find valuable. From the broad concept of the screen as a service where you consume screens based on the information you have, such as I need to review a document therefore push my display to the largest screen available. I need to know if I unplugged my iron at my house and I am now 3000 miles away. (Meta Innovations see link above has that answer for you). The dream of everyone who sits in traffic every day is the self-driving car. You work, interact with other things and the car drives you home and takes care of the driving components. You simply have to watch out for hyper aggressive drivers. Increased safety for everyone and perhaps in the end a reduction in road rage?

Personal health, personal fitness and self-driving cars simply the opening salvo of the broader intelligent device concept. Beyond this you have devices that know when they are being used. Knowing who is using them and how that person uses them. Intelligent devices that are able to comprehend the difference between me watching sports and family movie night. Smart devices that connect to each other to ascertain next steps. Don’t just play music for me, play music that fits my mood. Be aware based on biometric readings when I am stressed and play relaxing music. Transfer the music in the car and the cellular conversation in the car to the home stereo system. Smart devices don’t actually stay in the forefront. They disappear and you don’t have to think about using them. You are simply able to use them because they are available.

They know how you interact with them and they support that interaction. Plus a smart device allows you to pay for what you use rather than pay for what the system sends.

Meta Innovations is taking the first step in this journey. Control4, Hue and others are also. It is in the end the dawn of the connected smart device.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow

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