The evolving IoT Stayable Market–what may yet be…

Boy the climate change anti crowd came out in force as I expected yesterday. 30 emails talking about how stupid my argument was. Of course deaths from storms over the past 100 years shows that climate change isn’t real. I am still struggling with the application of logic there. I see a white horse on a hill. I know there are other horses in the world. Therefore all horses are on hills and white.

The good news is, heading back to technology topics, IoT devices are great at helping us even further reduce the death toll of storms. From understanding and measuring storm surge to knowing when volcano’s are changing the world will get safer with IoT sensors.

There are factors that will modify the path forward. We know that to be the case, because that is what has happened every time there has been a change like this. The shift from industrial to information is littered with ideas that weren’t ready and technologies that didn’t make it. The path to the IoT future has a number of side roads and alleys that will never be seen tomorrow.

Going forward right now I see three distinct areas that I’ve talked about several times. Stayable, Portable and Wearable devices. The age of wearable devices is upon us. The portable devices have been around for a while and are continuing their evolution. The Stayable market is just beginning to emerge from its hibernation.

As Jibo and other personal presence devices hit homes and businesses in the next few months the initial Stayable concept (connect where you are with where you need to be without physically moving) will expand the initial value of Stayable device. I can easily connect to my home, I can easily connect to my office etc. I am waiting for the day I walk into someone’s office and a Jibo turns towards the doorway with someone’s face on it. “Hi, come on in!” the speaker retorts.

But there is so much more to come. The concept of portable devices will embrace the automobile as well as any number of other portable capabilities in the near term. Today there are many cars sold that are connected. From the devices like the Automatic and others you can even capture the telemetry of your car. Car phones and other integrations are already on the market. Heads up displayed and other car modifications are either already being sold or coming soon. Today there are issues with passing control from the car to the phone and then to your house. Bluetooth needs and end protocol, where it shuts off its connection to one device when it senses another is now available. For example if you are on a conference call and you pull into your garage – switch the call from the car to the Sonos home media system Today that transition isn’t as clean as it could be.

Back to the Stayable concept though, the tradition piece listed above is critical. Being able to use home speakers as devices your phone can switch to for conference calls and talking to people will be the next big thing. Cleanly supporting the transition as you walk into your home is the first step. Actually the first step is enabling cellular telephone conversations on the various home Wi-Fi speaker systems. Then it’s the concept of a clean transition where the protocol is smart enough to release.

There are many devices that you could have in your home that will allow you to expand the capabilities of your home and your portable and wearable devices. Today there are a number of applications you can install on your phone that allow you to connect with an external hard drive or other storage. The next step will be the concept of home storage. Home storage is a concept that allows you to simply plug in a hard drive and it automatically connects to the hard drive gateway and is available throughout your house. It’s coming, you can do this today with various drives connecting to an external (outside your house) cloud. The next step will be integration such as what the Amazon Fire has, but within your home not external to your house. In fact the concept of home storage could be greatly improved. Imaging pulling into your garage and all the saved/tagged music you listened to while driving is uploaded to your house. Your car hard drive is backed up automatically. Your cellular device and laptop/tablet are also backed up automatically.

The transformation of the Stayable market will modify both the wearable and portable market place going toward. Oh brave new world!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow?