Its time the police were allowed to share the other side of the video’s involving officers.

One of the interesting things I believe IoT will bring to tomorrow is a new view of Baby’s First Steps. We like many parents rushed out the video camera after each of our children took their first steps. We recorded forever their 10th and 11th steps, but missed the first 9. With IoT security devices and interactive presence devices you will auto record those moments.

There is something game changing about being able to record your child’s first steps. To see them walking and laughing and growing and then going back to the tape. Imagine what you could do with a telestrator and baby’s first fall.

Today there is a huge cry for the many officers who enforce the laws of this country and other’s to wear body cameras. I think that is a great idea. But I also think that the police should be allowed to show the horrible things people do to police officers. The names that they are called, the insults hurled their way for doing the job they are asked to do. The police should be allowed to show the video without being sued for defamation or. It is a two way street, and frankly I think people would be horrified if they saw the other side as well. Certainly there are police officers who go too far. But there are people who go too far in regards to the laws being enforced.

IoT presents many changes to the world around us. You in the end have to be careful. Cameras that are fairly prevalent now will become more prevalent. Personally I think it would actually be a great boon for law enforcement. Instead of having to haul people into jail you send them a picture of them committing a minor crime or act of vandalism and bill.

In the less technological days of the wild wild West you could quite simply cross a state border and no longer be a hunted fugitive. Your image not plastered on every tree and on the windows of the sheriff’s office. Today that becomes much harder. As we expand facial recognition (and by the way those solutions are being built today) and it becomes faster you won’t be able to move, change your name and become another person. So the bill presented to you for vandalism will follow you the rest of your life.

There is a great book called “The world is flat” it talks about the fact that air travel makes it possible to go to anywhere in less than a day. Yes because of time zones and the curvature of the earth it will take up to 24 hours to travel somewhere but it is possible. You can pick up your cellular phone and dial a person in any country of the world. Communication has made the world flat. Unlike that bank robber in 1892 who slipped across the border into Mexico and laid low until his or her beard grew out. The world is flat and frankly IoT is the iron pressing it even flatter.

So yes police officers should have to wear body cameras. Police departments, sheriffs and other agencies like conversation officers should have the free right to share the video produced by that camera on YouTube. I’ve seen people berate police officers for stopping them. As they weaved in and out of traffic, the most important person on the road nearly running the rest of us off the road, standing there yelling at the police officer.

It is sad today that police brutality is a two way street but the national and local news only carries the one way. Body cams yes! Sharing ALL THE VIDEO produced without the other person’s permission yes! Let’s make the world a fair place and see both sides.

I wonder how quickly officers would get the respect they deserved and if that in the end would impact officers not being respectful? I suspect the number of people abusing police officers is much higher than the number of officers abusing people. Let’s see both sides of what the body camera’s film.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow