The news of the day

I remember visting my grandparents as a young person. We would watch Walter Cronkite each night as he shared the news. We ate dinner watching the news which was always different. My parents always did Sunday night dinner watching TV (snack dinner) but we didn’t do that every night.

Mr. Cronkite shared the same news that people do today but in the end it felt different. I remember listening to him during the Apollo 13 crisis. I knew he cared for the crew as much as I did. He brought experts with graphics and information for us so that we could in the end maintain hope.

Somehow the news lost that piece of the puzzle recently. They don’t leave us with hope. That hope is important at least from a watching the news at dinner time. You don’t want to walk away from dinner until you have that hope otherwise dinner becomes sad.

In the end it is part of a larger change in the world. A reality that has settled around us. Hate fills so many people now and they spew that hate into the world. They take and destroy things that existed before not becuase they were bad but instead becuase they were there before.

So I guess I don’t blame the news for lacking hope. The news we have is bad. It isn’t I think worse than it was when i was little there is just more of it. Things that happened 30 years ago didn’t always include video. That isn’t the case anymore. The sight of a chlld running bleeding from an explosion is horrifying. 

I don’t watch the news often anymore.

Sad perhaps that there isn’t a new Walter Cronkite. A new voice that we would invite into our homes to tell us about what is going on in the world around us.  No knock on the earnest efforts made by the newcasters of today. Sim[ly a lament that there isn’t a voice of reason in these trying times.