Sometimes you don’t get what you need but you end up with something you weren’t expecting…

So in the end how far do the things that comprise IoT extend? Where eventually will the Internet end? I traveled for many years and it always made me smile when the flight attendant would say and lights will illuminate the path to the exits. Why I smiled I do not know. In the world of IoT and in particular the IoT of home automation you can light the pathway to the exits as well.

The next smoke/CO monitors all have built in night lights. They are pretty bright and turn on when there is motion in their motion field (around 10 feet any side of the device). It is however extremely comforting when they kick on late at night. I don’t have to hold onto the wall and hope I don’t ram my shins into something.

I keep wondering though where the things end. I can foresee a number of devices that connect to my cellular phone and help me find information quickly. Useful tools that provide quick information and useful tools that provide ongoing long term information.

Some six or so months ago I created IoT categories to rationalize for myself how things operate in this new paradigm. Wearable, Stayable and Portable as a way to keep to simple for myself. But now there are even more interesting sub categories. Connect to and Connect through are now interesting categories for wearable and Stayable devices. The portable device has always represented a connect to or through device.

Connect to simply mean there is a two way connection between the device and something else you use. A smart watch is a great example of a connect to device. Now however there are a growing number of applications that actually use the smart watch to connect through your cellular phone to a mapping or other service. By the way that is why security people get very nervous about smart devices. Connect to means the hacker gets your data. Bad. Connect through means the hacker can get everyone you’ve connected to and their data. Really bad.

The Pebble watch frequently asks for permission to connect to your phone. I suspect over time people will come to ignore that request and that is when your watch is a venerable point of attack. Nearly two years ago I wrote about the security risk created by smart pens. Conceptually it is quite simple. Smart pens have the interaction with your phone. You can simply accidently leave your phone in a conference room and then while walking away hit record on the smart pen. That will record sound on your phone left in the room. The same for other smart pens expect they actually are able to record on the pen. No lights are on when they are recording.

How far do these devices go in the end?

~tongue in cheek~

The newest craze in parenting is the new go to the tape model. Parents wear body cameras just like the police and when their child argues about requests and delegated chores, the parent plays the recorded event for the child. Going to the tape reduces the act of denial for children and in our modern age of parenting allows the addition of stylus Internet of Bling devices to your wardrobe.

~end cheeky tongue section~

I am just saying…


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow