The best part of traveling is coming home. So why not cut out the first part ;-)

I ended my blog streak of more than 300 straight days yesterday. It was a travel day and in the end I just ran out of time.

Ended up spending a ½ day in Chicago. Staying in a hotel that was probably booked the rest of the week for the NFL draft. I rode up in the elevator with a young man invited by the NFL to the draft. At best I felt old and really really small. Very nice young man – I wished him a first round selection!

Prior to 2011 I posted more than 1 million miles on United. Since 2011 I have flown 1-2 times per year. It’s amazing how much your status slips and how far down in the queue you end up in just four years. I guess in the end that is the end game though. I was over traveling by the end of 2010.

Still I did feel a pang of jealousy watching the people in group 1. Not that the people in group 2 weren’t as wonderful. It’s just that I used to be the person sipping orange juice while everyone else struggled to get on the plane. It is not as fun when you are struggling watching the sippers.

Of course then I got home and I remembered why I don’t travel as much anymore. There is something to be said about being home.

Perhaps I should create my own queue and put the various airlines in group 2. I wonder how they would feel then, standing in a queue knowing they wouldn’t get orange juice.

At the end of April last year I made a horrible mistake. I shouldn’t have made the decision I made but in the end I did. It is in the end still costing me. I can only say that in the end vindictive organizations end up with people disliking them. Sad but it’s all I have for that now.

I won’t make that kind of mistake again.

It’s funny in the end. I haven’t been in Chicago in more than 5 years. The last time I was in Chicago I was flying through O’Hare. The streets are the same now as they were then. Times change but Chicago doesn’t change. It is the same place now that it was. I was born near Chicago (Evanston) and it remains one of my favorite cities on earth. I rate it right above London and just below Amsterdam and Bangkok. Although I rate the two ahead of it for different reasons that you would suspect. My rating is based on the kindness of people and how comfortable I feel in the city. Of the top three the only one I never lived in for more than 6 months was Amsterdam.

Scott’s Favorite Cities (in order)

  1. Bangkok
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Chicago
  4. London
  5. Seattle
  6. Tokyo
  7. Sydney


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow