Great question–why do you write 2 blogs Scott?

I got a great question I haven’t gotten in awhile – why 2 blogs? (actually its many more than 2, but it is 2 daily blogs). In February 2005 I started a monthly blog back when the Live Blogs were still active (Live was sponsored by Microsoft). I was writing articles for MSDN and books for MS Press and wanted an Avenue to share some of my experiences. So I started blogging. I didn’t really start daily blogging until later in 2006.

I created my first blog series on my blog modeled after my favorite NPR show A Prairie Home Companion (An Architecture Home companion was a series of stories and podcasts about a town that didn’t have software architects at all). As I was rolling along in 2008 posting once and sometimes twice a day to my blog someone pointed out that I should separate my business/professional posts from my personal posts. I created my blog in 2009. Initially I kept my serious blog at Scottoandersen. I used the new wordpress blog to point out the failings of a specific VOIP company in relation to my account and lack of customer services by that company.

In March 2009 I started writing communication blogs. My very first communication blog was about the concept of Ilackasourceism, It was on Wikipedia for about five minutes. As however, Wikipedia should have Ilackasourceism was taken off because there was no source for it. A fitting end to my first attempt to humorously remind people that not having a source can be dangerous.

It was in late 2009 that I came up with the split in my blogs. My original intent was to consolidate to one blog. But I had gotten into a routine with my personal blog and my professional blog so the consolidation never happened. The simple reality of two blogs is that I never finished the initial plan to consolidate to one blog and just kept going. Beyond that I’ve added a number of other blogs that I write for over the years.

So while I explain the family history project here on my professional blog – there is some value in sharing the how of the project I post the history project on my personal blog. I started reviews here on this blog but moved them to my personal blog for the most part. I do occasionally post reviews on this blog still but for the most part they are on my personal blog.

I also developed my blog rules. I will not post names on my blogs unless two conditions are met:

  1. I have direct permission to do so in writing
  2. The company in question has provided exceptional customer service or horrible customer service

I also tend to write more generically on purpose to avoid any conflicts of interest or other risky conversations. In the end while the original issue was a failure to consolidate the reality is I like having two blogs now. This conversation can be had with one group of people. Meanwhile I can post images and stories from the Family History project on my other blog.

Makes things a little easier to manage in my head. Why two blogs? In the end past consolidation to keep things somewhat separate. This blog focused on more professional things. My other blog focused on my personal topics.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow)

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    1. I would love the conversation. (sent you a message on Indiegogo). Your campaign is interesting by the way…

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