5 technology trends that are peaking soon (at least I think they are)…

5 Trends I see peaking in the next 6 months. I often look ahead just to see what is coming, As much for personal curiosity as my job but elements in the end of both.

In the end the five trends I am currently watching that I think are on their upward path may end up not peaking in the time period. It is to a degree as much a market and people issue as it is a look ahead to see what is possible. The order these choices are in is not specific not the order I wrote them in.

  1. 3d pens – the market has grown radically in the past six months. Where once there were one-two 3d printing pens now there are 8 and the number is growing rapidly.
  2. Wireless speakers = I love my Sonos. Frankly having the speakers in virtually every room is a great addition to any house. Turn on the music you want where you are. The Amazon Echo and other’s are entering the market with many additional features. Bose and Samsung have wi-fi speakers as well. This market is going to explode soon.
  3. ROVs – you can get land based ROV’s now for less than 100 dollars. They offer the ability to transmit video back from where they are. If you don’t like crawling into the crawl space of your house this is the device you need. Water and Air ROV’s are also going to expand. The new hobby is unique video’s taken by ROV’s in places people don’t normally go.
  4. 3d cameras– these are going to explode.The market has had a setback – roughly 8 months of waiting makes it harder for the market to explode. But these cameras are coming and they will offer unique new expanded views of the world around us.
  5. Home Automation – frankly it has been around for 20 years now. Its been for hobbyists and people in the end trying to automate complex tasks in their home. But the systems are coming down in price and going up in functionality. The home of tomorrow will interact with your car to gage your mood, the outdoor temperature and when you hit the driveway. Your car connected to your home, no longer having to have a garage remote your car becomes the garage remote.

We can check back in 6 months on these – some may take as much as a year some may peak much sooner than that. The trends are already in place. The market is already building for these devices. The only questions will be which one hits first. Of course all of these solutions will be changed from now to their mass market. Mass market devices don’t have builders fingerprints on them. They are easy to install, operate and consume.

Of the five I think 3d cameras and 3d pens are the closest to ease of use expected for the mass market. Home automation is a close third and could very quickly pass the other two given a couple of breaks. As I said it is somewhat of a guessing game. You never know what people will find interesting.

Perhaps what we need for the ROV’s and 3d cameras is a YouTube contest from Google – the most bizarre safe videos. Using ROV’s get videos of places people don’t go. But safe because you are sending in an ROV not a human being!


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.