IoT getting to the right information at the right item.

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I’ve been thinking about connections for awhile now. In the IoT world connections can be physical, virtual or a combination of physical and virtual. The devices connected then provide functionality that you would have without the device.

In terms of portable measuring devices let’s think about what is out there for a minute:

  • Infrared camera you can connect to your cell phone and use
  • Geiger counter that connects to your phone
  • better microphones
  • better speakers
  • Breathalyzer
  • thermometer
  • UV radiation
  • Night vision camera
  • Drones (water, land and air)
  • your phone connected directly to a projector – big screen phone

All connect to your cellular phone and provide you with additional information. As I have said before the IoT is really the IoC. The connections and where the connections are made remains the critical piece of puzzle.

To be connected. It is the rallying cry of the IoT revolution. Don’t you want to know what the temperature is in your house right now? How about what the wind is doing in your yard or how your solar panels are preforming? It is in the end all about connections. Little bits of data flowing from sensors to you. Or if you choose HD video then big bits.

Streaming to your device. Then parsed and presented to you. Air transportation flattened the world. Made it easy to go from one place to another in a reasonable time period. Sensors flatten the world even further. Collecting an sharing data allowing people to interact with their world in ways we haven’t been able to.

The Internet of connections making the Internet of things possible. The only question left now – will we get an application that will act as a filter for all this flood of information. I coined the phrase the screen as a service for smart watches. What we need now is data as a service. Where the service is an interface, controller and in the end filter to get us the right information at the right time.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow