The concept of IoT one way and two way communication…

There are a number of stayable devices and they produce two kinds of interaction. Some are built for a smart phone or tablet application to manage. Others produce a web interface that allows management from a PC or tablet/smart device.

Wearable devices also do this dual project but theirs is more connection to a smart device for two way interaction. They show a telephone number when your cellular devices gets a phone call. you can answer it or dismiss it right from the wearable screen.

Most IoT slayable devices are one way broadcast (weather stations, sensors, NEST devices). When you add a home automation system your home becomes a two way connection to the world. Two-way connections are interesting as much for the reality of the security issues they present as for the reality of the data they produce.

The reality of medical devices as IoT sensors opens up a number of interesting realities. Your doctor could see your vitals over the course of a day.  Blood pressure was up from 6:30 am to 7:45 am? what were  you doing? (oh yeah driving in the DC area). Your BP went down around 12:15? Oh yeah it’s the time our walking club starts walking. Stress relief obviously.

It would make the stop doing these things, start doing these things conversation much more effective. What are the ten ways to reduce stress while driving? 1. have a camera with a shutter connected to your driving wheel and at License plate level. Every time someone cuts you off don’t get mad just report them for aggressive driving. 2. listen to good radio entertainment while driving or listen to Audio books. And so on – there are a number of things to do.

Imagine a two way medical device you are sitting in a stressful meeting. Your BP goes up and your doctor announces over the speaker of your BP monitor. “You need to get away from what you are doing right now it is KILLING YOU.” Other than a few communication anti-patterns that would motivate most people to change the meeting format quickly.

As IoT expands more and more stayable devices will add two way connections. Some will simply be because they can have two way communication. Others will add significant value. For example a remote video feed from your house allows you to notify the person that broke into your house that 1 the police are on the way and that 2 they should just wait for the police as you already sent the police their picture.

Other two-way connections won’t be as interesting or valuable at first. But like the change that IM brought to the world of communication it will eventually tilt the boat. SMS, IM and applications like twitter, snap chat and other’s have changed the way people communicate. An open communication platform to your house will change the way your home operates.

All back to those little tiny things that connected to the Internet in the end create the mesh that is IoT. Happening around us even as we sit and read this blog.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow