What to my wondering eyes should appear, SPAM in my SPAM folder…

I have decided to check and to empty my junk mail folder every day for a week. Just to see what is actually coming into my various email boxes. In my work mailbox I get 1-2 spam messages a month. So that one has been easy.

My GMail account has the least spam but I don’t often use that account for anything other than personal communication. My Hotmail account is much older and it gets 40 or so spam messages a day. That number increase because that email address is on some lists that generate SPAM.

  1. I can improve my hair via a number of options. That is exciting because frankly its thinning on top and I would love to have the hair I had when I was 20.
  2. Lots of SPAM software offers. They will filter my inbox so I don’t get SPAM in my inbox. Interestingly they all end up in my SPAM folder.
  3. Same for a number of Anti-Virus packages – all ending up in my SPAM folder.
  4. A number of emails a day – roughly 5 offering me some sort of Testosterone boost.
  5. Beyond Testosterone – the other kind of pills as well.

Interesting argument now can be had. Why do I buy from Amazon? Well first off I buy from Amazon because it is easy. Secondly I buy from Amazon because when I checkout they remind me of the various other things that people also bought. For example if I am buying AA batteries it is always wise to see if I need any other type of batteries and Amazon says here, choose the other batteries you need.

I don’t however respond to SPAM mail. It is targeted all wrong. The five listed above are probably 90% of my SPAM every day. In the end not targeted to what I need or want. Not by the way that I am advocating targeted SPAM, just that its one of the reasons why I don’t ever do anything other than empty the SPAM folder.

So why then does it continue to be sent? Why is all that SPAM still out there? It is an eternal question that probably in the end doesn’t have a good answer. It certainly has a question but no answer is apparent.

I guess in the end it is as much an indictment of how I use the Internet and my email accounts as it is that of the Spammers. It’s why I don’t share my Gmail address very often. That way it stays for the most part relevant to work and things I need. I use rules to separate emails in my Hotmail inbox. Rules that put emails from my mother, sisters, wife or children into a separate folder. That way I always see and can act on those emails. The rest are broken into various folders that I check when I have time.

In the end it is a game. So I keep one public and one pretty much private email address. Someday maybe I can get down to one.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow