The concept of one day of peace. Is it possible?

I am a huge fan of Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN. The two Mike’s are fun, entertaining and ultimately informative as well. I find myself nodding in agreement with many of the things they say.

When I lived in Indiana and after a couple of years when I lived in Cincinnati Ohio I used to listen to the Bob and Tom show. Bob and Tom were on the air in Indianapolis for many years. I liked the back and forth between the two of them. They were not on the air in Cincinnati when we first moved there. Later they became a nationally syndicated radio show and at that point one of the local stations picked up the show in the am.

That’s why I like Mike and Mike now. As much for the back and forth as anything. I don’t like listening to hard news in the morning anymore. It makes me tense all day. I do like hearing people think through some smaller sports related issues.

Bad things happen in sports. But in the end they aren’t the horrible things that happen in the rest of the news. I find myself on occasion watching the evening news. The sheer amount of sadness that generates for me is at times unbearable. I do like that in the end they end the show on a high note. But for the most part it is just sad news.

The impact of sad news is pretty big. Of course the reality that the sad news is there even if I don’t hear it is worse. I do like and need to know what is happening in the world around me. I just need to make sure that it happens (being informed) in a managed way.

In the end the enjoyment I get from relaxing and listening to Mike and Mike in the morning is worth it for me. I don’t get to work stressed out and worried. That comes later in the day anyway.

Thanks Mike and Mike! The time I spend enjoying your show starts my day off well. Now if I could only filter the news later in the day life would be grand. Or better yet if there wasn’t a need for the bad news. Perhaps we should have world no bad news day. Not a day where we don’t share bad news but a day where no bad news is generated. Just one day of no bad things done. One day out of the year where we all just laugh.

One day of peace for all.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.