What does a dog mean?

What does a dog mean?

There are times when I am frustrated. Angry. Just not able to make the connections required to smile. I struggle with life. Wresting with the balancing act of what must be done versus what can be done. Then Dylan walks into the room.

He arrived at our house in 2012. For the first day or so Luke liked to say Dylan had picked him. By the second day he had picked me as his person. I took him on a walk. The first time we went on a walk was frustrating for me. Dylan didn’t walk on a leash very well. He is still very prey aware. The three things that will knock him out of walking are other dogs, deer and small animals. Small animals includes squirrels and cats predominantly. We are working on it. He is truly better than he was.

I yell at the television when I watch basketball. Or I used to yell at the television when I watched basketball. I did not realize how sensitive my feet were. I know how sensitive they are now. When Dylan is not pleased with the progression of events around him he bites my feet. That is particularly true of when I watch basketball. He jumps on the bed or the couch next to me when basketball is on the television. He is just waiting for me to yell so he can lunge for my feet. Barb encouraged that the first time he did it so now he thinks it is his primary job.

When I get home at night no matter what happened that day Dylan is there by the door waiting for me. Ready for his walk. Ready to assume the part of the day he loves. When he can snuggle and cheer me up.

What does a dog mean?

As a child I read the stores of Lassie. I also read the stories about Lad a dog. A collie that was bonded to its owner and the stories that were created. Dylan is a water dog. How do I know that? How do I know that story? The first time he and I walked around the lake near our house, Dylan jumped into the water and waded out to where he was swimming. He looked back at me saying “come on in.”

When I have a bad day Dylan is there. When I have a good day Dylan is there. To me Dylan represents the part of my life I can accept as always being there. You don’t ignore that part of your life you work to make it better every day.

Dylan is a Rescue lab. I can’t say enough wonderful things about that group. The link to their site is well Dylan above. From home visits to working with a coordinator that group rocks. We’ve now adopted three dogs after years of always getting puppies.

So what does a dog mean to me? In the end Dylan is a laser pointer chasing, I want to walk now, share your food with me best friend. He always is there to listen. He is always there to play with me. He makes sure I am ok. He yells at me for yelling at Basketball on TV or Football or for that matter any other sport. He is my buddy. My pal. What does any dog mean?



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