Talking to some young film makers about mesh video…

I was talking to a couple of young folk (ok virtually everyone is younger than me now so everyone becomes young folk) about their Kickstarter campaign. It’s the first movie campaign I’ve talked to and I find it very interesting.

Crowd funding is about marketing. Not marketing in a negative you are trying to sell me something that doesn’t exist rather marketing in the sense of providing insight into what can be. For a movie its easy to show a prototype – what in the end are you building but a longer version of the short you share.

We were talking about the concept I shared yesterday as part of my future of VR post. The interesting concept was video mesh. Where you have an IoT set of video/audio sensors that you connect to create a VR field. The young film makers were expanding my original idea into the area of creating backdrops and filming events. What if you created an IoT of a football game. Where the watcher could in the end engage with the mesh and see the game from inside the field rather than in the stands or on their television.

I learned something about a potential application of VR I hadn’t even thought about. Image a VR baseball game where you can be the shortstop. You decide where that sharply hit baseball is going. You may be right and get the runner at first while the shortstop for your favorite team in reality was wrong and the runner scored. It changes the way you view any game.

Let me then transition to last nights college basketball games. First off the new VR system would have been a blast for the Wisconsin v. Kentucky game. I was sorry to see Kentucky lose only because well 39 years is a long time. Immortality isn’t being the last unbeaten team it is being an unbeaten team. I loved 1976 Indiana team and I still to this day love that team. That was without a doubt the best team I ever saw play. Wow think of building a VR system that let’s you play in those games from history.

I wonder however in ending today if in fact this isn’t the stake needed to finish off the one and done problem forever. The greatest collection of NBA players in the NCAA tournament was clearly at Kentucky. But playing for 2 or even 3 years as a team makes you in the stronger. Wisconsin who lost to Kentucky last year show what staying in school gets you.

Boy oh boy would that have been a fun game to be able to participate in virtually!

It was a great game.


Scott Andersen

IASA Fellow.